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Maatullin koulu

T A A M U L L I. Upcycling the old school



Helsinki, Finland


Primary and secondary school, day care, playground




Open competition, 2020


Johannes Koskela

T A A M U L L I - proposal’s core is about creating safe environment for the community, upcycling old structures and the new identity emerging from it.


In the proposal recycling is strongly present: based on the possibilities the old facade elements and the windows are reused in the new building. The existing school building continues its life within the new one in a new shape. Besides reducing the carbon footprint and the amount of waste upcycling the old building parts strengthens the local identity as the most recognizable elements from the old facade are still present. 


Also in the new material choices sustainability, low carbon footprint as well as their lifecycle and the healthiness of the structures are key points which in the long run means cost efficiency: building frame is made of wood and the facade walls are solid brick. Brick is also chosen to fit the Maatulli area. The second floor brickwork is made of rough white brick with different reliefs.


The new building mass gathers around to core yards, which are like siblings to each other: on for the older children and one for the younger ones. Under the recognizable big roof shape the Art Plaza, canteen, stand and stage create the core space around which the rest of the functions surround. From these core spaces the views grow between outdoors and indoors as well as within the floor levels.


The location of the building allows for the yards to open up towards south. The yard design encourages to exercise, play and research. The material choices are also made keeping in mind runoff water and the vegetation supports natural diversity. 


The classroom areas are designed to support different learning situations and the structures are designed to be flexible. With such an open plan special attention is drawn to that the learning activities and classes can be arranged without being interrupted by other users. 

MAA_leikkaukset - Copy.png
MAA_leikkaukset - Copy (2).png
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