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Anttila 2035 - Image 1_INDEKSI_ilman_tekstiä.png

Anttila 2035


Concept for a post-agrarian town


Tuusula, Finland


Housing, services, business, food and energy production, leisure




Open competition, 2019

CIty planning and 

concept design

Competition result

Upper class

In collaboration with

Ignasi Burgés, researcher

Louise Forsblom, researcher

Antero Jokinen, graphic designer



Anttila 2035 - Image 3.jpg

Anttila 2035 is a lively, productive and carbon-neutral post-agrarian community that stands in Lake Tuusula west shore as a new local center to showcase the forthcoming carbon-neutral Finland of 2035. A complementing contrast to the museums of the past on the opposite shore of the lake. Roofs that self-sufficiently farm local tomatoes above your home, a reinvented historical barn that upcycles construction materials for the new build, a restaurant that serves the latest local inventions in the New Finnish Green Cuisine, and a floating sauna by the lake fired with wood grown from the local leftovers. All of these cohabit in Anttila’s historical landscapes, with its meadows and old stone walls, creating an active and modern milieu with a strong sense of identity.

The milieu offers a comprehensive experience to visitors. Not only provides leisure activities but encourages the visitor to get to know the implemented design solutions enhancing understanding on sustainable construction and food production.

Anttila 2035 - Image 2.jpg

The new neighborhood implements circular economy solutions by intertwining diverse living spaces, advanced agricultural production and remote work possibilities with small commerce, leisure, research and multifunctional public spaces encouraging social interaction and businesses. 

Advanced indoor agriculture on the roofs of the housing quarters tackles the growing issue of human pollution and destruction of natural habitats minimizing land use and controlling agricultural emissions.

Extracts from the jury’s evaluation:

The parallel discussions provided on everyday life and the systems underpinning it is some of the best content generated by this competition

"In addition to the land use solution, the proposal’s key merits lie in the credible sustainable construction concepts and the systemic description of the circular economic model it puts forward"

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