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DOMUS FORUM_Ilmakuvaupotus_INDEKSI.jpg

Vanha Domus

New student housing around the old patio


Tampere, Finlanf


TOAS student housing, services.

Renovation and extension




Open competition, 2020


Johannes Koskela

The Forum was in antique Rome a square and a meeting place. Domus was a house surrounding an inner patio. Our proposal Domus Forum creates plenty of new housing around the block’s patio by adding new floors atop the existing buildings. 


The proposal draws from the genius loci and from the logic of the original master plan. One of its main goals was to integrate nature within the city structure - our proposal brings back the yard to its original purpose instead of the current parking lot. The new city block and the numerous common and shared public functions placed around the yard strengthen the place’s identity and bring life to Kaleva neighbourhood.

DOMUS FORUM_Näkymäkuva 1.jpg

The proposal preserves most of the existing buildings. The new two-storey additions atop the main preserved buildings consist of the new student apartments. The proposal supports TOAS main goal which is to create affordable student housing. This is carried out by utilising the existing resources as well as combining the small apartments and the appropriate shared spaces.

DOMUS FORUM_Näkymäkuva 2.jpg
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