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Architecture Studio AM10 is the result of two architects, Marcelo and Anna, wanting to work together to create solutions for problems in a rapidly changing world.

AM10 approaches architecture primarily as thinking: the ability to find the core issue in each design problem and a solution to it. This requires curiousness, sensitivity, criticism and a creative approach. 


We believe in aesthetics that stem from the features of the building site, functional needs, as well as meticulously selected sustainable materials. We believe that by designing holistically, we will achieve results that will stand the test of time.

We make architecture that work as a platform for life and fosters people's relation to nature both from the user experience as from the ecological level. A successful design solution responses to the user needs and brings the building and its users together to the building site creating a senses of place. It can be something like a carefully chosen view. Being able to wake up on a Saturday morning at 10AM and enjoy rays of sunshine being filtered through the trees, straight from the warmth of your own bed. Or it can be a multitude of different users with varying needs, coexisting seamlessly in the same multipurpose building.

AM10 works through conversation: we believe the best solutions are always created through listening and tuning into the needs of our customer. In our work, we enjoy most when the various parts of the design click together into place. 

Principle and architectural design.
From the concept design to its execution

We offer principle and architectural design to different sized projects and different functions. We also offer concept design to define the project objectives and to find responses to the original questions. We like to approach all design tasks, smaller or larger, from a holistic perspective.

We do new construction as well as renovations.

Throughout the years and several work places and design tasks we have collected a versatile and diverse experience: single-family houses, schools and daycare, housing, co-housing, urban planning as well as other public and service buildings.

The design is always done using building information modelling and we use the latest software in the industry. 

For single-family house builders

Our design process draws from the client's own starting points in a creative way. We listen to our clients wishes with a sensitive ear and translate them into a solution that suits their needs and budget, and is of a high architectural quality and withstands time.

At the same time we guide the client throughout this once-in-a-life-time and unique building process. Amongst other this means taking care of the bureaucracy with the officials and guiding the client to find the rest of the project stakeholders. During construction we follow that the design is executed accordingly and solve any changes to the design that might arise during construction.


Through the 3D-model the client gets to see and explore their future house. In addition we can also produce more detailed visualization.

Marcelo Diez

Marcelo is a passionate architect with extensive and diverse experience with both international and local offices in Finland, China, and Spain, as well as development projects in Mozambique. He graduated from the ETSAB University of Architecture in Barcelona in 2010. He has also studies at Aalto University in Helsinki.

He has worked in large architectural firms in Finland for almost a decade and has been working as a full-time entrepreneur since 2018. He has worked as a chief designer in detached house projects, as well as a project architect in both public and service building projects. Marcelo has experience in ecological construction methods (CLT solid wood and straw elements), building as a team, and participatory design. Marcelo is a member of Ryhmärakennuttajat ry and the Finnish Colour Association.

Marcelo has completed an exceptionally demanding qualification at FISE ARK. He has also completed a chief designer training and passed a national chief designer exam.

In his free time, Marcelo enjoys small renovation projects, cooking with quality ingredients, and scuba diving.

Anna Pekkarinen

Anna is an architect originally from Oulu, interested in sustainable construction, interactive and inclusive design, as well as the creation of multi-sensory spatial experiences.


Anna has been working as an architect for a decade, with experience in designing houses of various sizes and scales, as well as housing development projects. Since 2018, she has been focusing on planning schools in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as a part of a multidisciplinary planning team.


Alongside her work, Anna has created art installations and organized discussion evenings as a part of the APAJA collective.


In her free time, Anna enjoys dancing and long dinners.

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